Types of Door Locks

types of locks, Types of Door Locks

What Type of Lock is Best For a Front Door?

types of locks, Types of Door Locks

Often the front door of your home is the one which can experience the most traffic, meaning it needs a level of convenience that will allow for easy use while still remaining secure and protected from intrusion. While smart locks can often provide the best in security, the lock installation process can be a more expensive one. The type of door lock you choose should always be in balance with your home’s need for convenient use and high security.

Why Do Doors Have Two Locks?

The primary reasoning behind having a pair of locks on a single door comes with the differences in strengths and weaknesses between the individual locks. Many doors will have a combination of a knob lock which can protect their home during the day while the door is in use, and a deadbolt which can further secure their home at night, when the convenience of one lock, as opposed to two, is not needed.

Which Types of Door Locks Are The Most Secure?

When it comes to the overall security of a lock there are a number of factors to consider. Primarily it is important to take into account the overall strength of the lock itself and the protective measures against unwanted access. In terms of strength, it is widely accepted that the deadbolt lock is one of the most secure options. The deadbolt is usually paired with a conventional key lock. However, to protect against potential lockpicking or lost keys, it is also possible for a fingerprint lock to be installed which can often be more secure.

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