Lock Change Service

BG Locksmith in Bowling Green, KY

Having troubles with your door locks? Our residential and commercial locksmith services include broken key extraction along with lock change and repair. To restore security after a misplaced or stolen key we can re-key your existing locks or change lock cylinder as a cost-saving alternative to a complete replacement. Our fleet covers the greater Bowling Green KY metro area with emergency 24-hour locksmith services from certified mobile locksmiths.

lock change, Lock Change Service

Lock replacement

BG Locksmith knows a thing or two about lock change services. What’s more, we are experts in our field. We 100% understand the need to secure your commercial or business space, which is why we are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call and offer you affordable assistance.

Keeping Your Home or Business Secure!

We have all the experience needed to change or fix any and all locks in your commercial space. Whether it’s an office, storefront, or any other place where you may do business – we are on-hand, round the clock, whenever you need us!
As a mobile locksmith service operator, we come to you with a large selection of locks to choose from, as well as all the tools we need to do the replacement!

Lock Change Services in Bowling Green KY

Commercial and residential property managers know that with a change in tenants it’s important to also change locks. If you’re moving into a new home or business location we can make that happen for all your door locks. If the existing locks are in good condition and provide an appropriate level of security, that change doesn’t have to mean completely lock change and accompanying hardware. Your options are likely to include the following.


Changing just the tumbler settings so that previous keys no longer work. That can also mean that a single new key can open all doors such as front, back, and garage. Or master keying for the right balance of convenience and restricted access for commercial buildings.
Change Lock Cylinder — For older locks that have begun to wear or corrode or perhaps have sustained minor damage, we can replace just the center mechanism (cylinder). That’s less expensive and lets you keep existing handles, faceplates, and so on to for the right look.
But if it is time for an upgrade we can install new locks (including doorknob and deadbolts) as well as the electronic keypad, card, and proximity locks. And we’re always up to date on the latest in high-security lock options. You can choose from our large inventory or quick-order services. Call: 270-421-7755