Air Bag Module Crash Clear

Air Bag Module Crash Clear, Air Bag Module Crash Clear

Airbag Light On? We Can Clear Those Codes

As a driver, few dashboard warning lights can instill the same level of anxiety as the airbag warning light. When illuminated, it signifies there could be an issue with one of your vehicle’s supplemental restraint systems, like the airbags or seatbelt pretensioners, that help keep you safe in a crash. While airbag codes are sometimes triggered by temporary electrical issues and clear themselves, it’s best not to ignore an airbag warning light. The expert technicians at Crash Clear BG Locksmith have the experience, training, and equipment to properly diagnose airbag system issues and perform necessary repairs to get your warning light cleared and your safety systems functioning properly again. With convenient mobile service, Crash Clear BG Locksmith will come to you, scan for any diagnostic trouble codes, repair or replace malfunctioning components, and clear your airbag light so you can drive with confidence knowing your airbags are ready to deploy when needed.

Airbag Module Crash Data Clearing Services

Airbag modules contain crash data that can be cleared to turn off the airbag light on your dashboard. Our certified technicians have the proper equipment and training to clear crash data and hard codes from your vehicle’s airbag module.

ow Airbag Modules Work

Airbag modules deploy airbags in the event of a crash to help protect occupants. They also record crash data to monitor the system. When an airbag is deployed or the system detects a fault, it will turn on the airbag light on your instrument panel. This indicates that crash data or hard codes have been recorded in the airbag module’s memory and require clearing.

Why Clear the Airbag Light?

  • Clearing the airbag light and stored codes in the module will turn off the warning light on your dashboard. This will allow the airbag system to properly detect future collisions and deploy airbags as needed.
  • Crash data and hard codes can sometimes be recorded erroneously due to issues like low battery voltage or loose wire connections. Clearing the module can fix this.
  • The airbag light being on can prevent your vehicle from passing an emissions or safety inspection. Having the codes cleared will allow it to pass.
  • Stored crash data and codes in the airbag module may prevent replacement or repair of an airbag system component. The module must first be cleared to proceed.

The Airbag Light Clearing Process

  • A diagnostic scan tool is connected to your vehicle’s diagnostic port to access the airbag module.
  • Crash data is downloaded from the module. The technician then uses the scan tool to clear all stored crash data and hard codes from the module’s memory.
  • The airbag module requires a reset or reprogram using the diagnostic scan tool.
  • The airbag light is then tested to confirm it is no longer illuminated, ensuring all codes have been properly cleared from the module.
  • Additional scans are performed to check for any other codes in the airbag system before clearing crash data. Any other issues are addressed to ensure proper operation of the airbag system.

Diagnose and Repair Your Airbag Light in Bowling Green, KY

To diagnose and repair your airbag light in Bowling Green, KY, there are a few steps our technicians will take:
First, we will scan your vehicle’s airbag module for trouble codes to determine the cause of the warning light illuminating. The diagnostic scan will check all airbag sensors, crash sensors, and wiring to locate any faults.

Checking Crash Data and Hard Codes

Our scanner can access stored crash data and hard codes within the airbag module that generic scanners cannot read. We clear all retrieved codes and then road test your vehicle to confirm the light does not come back on, indicating the issue has been resolved.

Inspecting Airbag Parts and Wiring

If codes persist, we will visually inspect airbag components and wiring for any damage or wear. This includes clockspring, impact sensors, airbag modules, and any related wiring or connections. Any faulty parts will be replaced to ensure your airbag system is functioning properly.

Resetting the Airbag Light

Once any necessary repairs have been made and confirmed, we will reset your vehicle’s airbag light. The light should go off, indicating the airbag system is ready to protect you in the event of a crash.
Our certified technicians have the proper training, tools, and equipment to diagnose and repair your airbag light. We strive to provide fast, affordable service and get your airbag system functioning correctly again. Call or schedule an appointment online to have your airbag light checked in Bowling Green, KY. We’re here to help get you back on the road safely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Bag Module Repair and Replacement

Once the air bag light illuminates on your dashboard, it indicates there is a problem with one of the air bag modules in your vehicle that requires diagnosis and repair. Here are some frequently asked questions about air bag module repair and replacement.

What causes an air bag light to come on?

There are a few common reasons an air bag warning light may activate:

  • A fault in the air bag module, such as a torn air bag or loose wiring.
  • A problem with the air bag impact sensors located in the front bumper, side doors or rear bumper.
  • An issue with the air bag control module, the computer that monitors and deploys the air bags.

How do I get the air bag light turned off?

The only way to properly turn off an illuminated air bag light is to have the diagnostic trouble codes scanned to determine the cause of the warning, then complete repairs to fix any faulty components. Simply resetting the light without addressing the root problem will not resolve the issue and the light will come back on quickly. It is not advisable to drive a vehicle with an active air bag warning light, as the air bags may not deploy in an accident.

Do I need to replace the entire air bag module?

Not always. If there is a small tear in the air bag material or a loose wire connection, many times only a partial repair or replacement is needed. However, if there has been significant damage or water intrusion in the air bag module, it is best to replace the entire unit to ensure proper and safe operation. An automotive locksmith or technician can inspect the air bag modules to determine if a full or partial replacement is required.

How much does it cost to diagnose and repair an air bag light?

The cost to diagnose and repair an illuminated air bag warning light can range from $75 to $500 or more, depending on the make, model and year of the vehicle as well as the cause of the problem. Replacement of one or more air bag modules is typically on the higher end of that cost range. It is best to have the codes scanned by a professional to get an accurate repair estimate for your specific vehicle.